• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: How To Stop Riots.

.. RIOT  SOLUTION --Stay Safe Want to stop riots, looting and arson, and stop injuring and killing people? 

Call Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has dealt with violence as much as any human leader on earth. 

He and his police force came up with an extremely effective and physically harmless method to disperse crowds, IMMEDIATELY.

It is easy to deploy safely, never fails, and is very inexpensive.  What is this ingenious and effective method? It is called "Skunk Water" "Skunk Water" smells like, well ya know, and is fired through fire truck water cannons. It not only sends the crowds of rioters running, but will send them home for a long shower and a change of clothes. No one, but no one will continue rioting smelling like a skunk, nor will anyone want to be around anyone who smells like a skunk, (right politicians?) and it encourages social distancing.  SKUNK WATER also takes them some time to burn the clothes they were wearing; by that time, the urge to riot could be considerably diminished!!!

Response: See Link for self defense product

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