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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: How Does Sound Money Come Back?

Well, I will throw my two (2) cents in on this subject.

1. There has to be a collapse before people will be willing to accept a comeback of DJT

2. The dollar will collapse with other world wide currencies.

3. To fix the chaos, a replacement monetary system, metals backed world wide system will be introduced .. used to track all payments world wide and to root out evil and terrorism (perhaps temporarily providing and giving the illusion of peace forever) coincided with a global jubilee as the carrot to sell the whole idea.

The initial system will be digital but I do not believe a “mark” will be necessary to start using it (that is until someone hacks it about 3 ½ years later)


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John Duggan
John Duggan

What can possibly go wrong with a hackable money system run by crooks and hackers.

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