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Dear Jim: Ho We Kwap!

We are all extras in a live action sci-fi horror movie that started a very long time ago.

Attached are 2 pics of JFK Sr likely in his 90s that I grabbed last year from the early 17-ish Telegram channels (they were promptly taken down). How are these pics possible??? Senior died early Jan 2021!!!

Jay Weidner blows up the assassination story as he describes how JFK faked his death in the cleaned up Zapruder film. Link should start at 33:07 and the topic lasts about 10 minutes.

REALITY CHECK - The End of Hollywood

M.K.Davis presents the very best of the Zapruder film. Link should start at 2:17 and lasts another 5 minutes or so.

This clears up A LOT, especially why JFK's faked autopsy photos don't look much like JFK.

I'm now 99.9% convinced Juan O Savin really is JFKjr - see 3rd attached pic.

Let's end this horror movie and change the genre for the next one. Jeff

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