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Dear Jim: Prophecy - Thoughts On Israel. [With Response]

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

See: Thoughts On Israel. 5 Minute Video

Sent by Leon.

Response: Thanks for the background Leon. I appreciate that Israel is mentioned a lot in the bible, most of which is not understood by me.

But these are now the issues I have in my mind to contend with.

1) Is Israel, as mentioned in the bible, the land or a certain people?

2) If it is a certain people, could the citizens of Israel been diluted down by others unintentionally over the centuries, or intentionally to use the original people as a shield?

3) The pod-castor says definitely that Syria funds Hamas. Is that a correct fact?

4) Is it possible that the West, through their Alphabet agencies and country financing, be financing and controlling Hamas for their own reasons, with or without Syria?

5. If #4 above is true, could the Israel spy Alphabet also be financing and controlling Hamas, thus making the Israeli attack partly an Israeli attack on its own people?

6. If most of the above is true, could an Elite group be hiding in sheep’s clothing in Israel mixed in with the bible’s intended sheep?

7. Could all of this be in play along with, and in addition to, the bible’s prophecy?

8. Could this be a power play to rush up the intended prophecy time, for the benefit of man?

9. Is this a power play by certain men to create a world war and has little to do with the bible?

10. How many people must die in the name of god until we learn not to do it?

This is the confusion in my mind as we are possibly seeing two or more worlds collide.

I have no answers to any of these questions. I hope the world takes its time to investigate before pronouncing a lot of innocent lives to be Evil Doers.

Leon, thanks for helping me see my problems.

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