• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Green Light On Clif.

Boom time green light(s). --------------------------------------- This looks like a pretty good detailed version of your White Hat on a Stick post: The Symposium STING -------------------------------------------- It is official. The United States Senate today announced: 'Corona is a lie'! 8-15-21 -------------------------------------------- Trump started making his ME peace deals long ago. Told the Taliban there would be repercussions if they were violent as the old guard pulled out. Some are staying to help with infrastructure in their new world (funding). All part of the movie psyop. Art of the Deal. It actually looks pretty smooth if you understand... Most win. Attached as well. Look for the MAGA hat! --------------------------------------------- TS Fred Kickin ass for such a small storm. On flashlights and internet hotspot now. -------------------------------------------- Finally got The Rona. No effin way this a killer virus. Still sucks to be me tho. ------------------------------ Carry on Garth. Jeff

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