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Dear Jim: Godlewski Reviews 2000 Mules - PRISM, Red Folder, Angel...

Okay at 1.5x or more - Meat starts at about the 21 minute mark.

Phil points out hidden messages and symbolism in 2000 Mules. White Hats are using the same tools as the Black Hats to inflict pain on the Cabal and operatives.

PRISM - An NSA software program that matches data and tracks movements of selected individuals and/or their cell/phones in a desired geographical area to determine if they are working and talking with each other. Initially developed for the war on terrorism now being used for election fraud analysis. According to Phil the Mule tracking screens are the PRISM computer screens in action. Thinking ahead, Antifa, BLM, and other operatives are fooked.

Red Folder - A red folder is prominently displayed on a table in the movie. Phil thinks it is or represents the red folder Trump was shown holding up on or around Jan 6, 2021. Phil thinks it contained the emergency documents initiating temporary suspension of the constitution and the beginning of Continuity of Government protocols.

Angel - Phil says in one scene there was an angel in the background over Dinesh de Souza's head. I was mostly listening only and did not actually see either the red folder (above) or angel.

My personal take aways - Dinesh is protected. If Phil recognized a PRISM screen then at some point he very likely held a high level clearance. Phil said earlier that he would reveal his background after Trump's public return.


---- A Firefox Blocking Solution ---

Firefox security is blocking many legitimate websites - their algorithm is outa control, at least on my computers. This works for me but I often have to repeat the setup after Firefox/Linux updates. Censoring algos have added site settings to cookies and history cache for tracking.

Go to Settings\Privacy & Security

Check Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed

Scroll down and Select Use custom settings for history

Check Clear history when Firefox closes

Click History Settings, check all boxes, then Okay

Close tab to save/exit Settings

When Firefox does a security block copy the URL web address and close Firefox completely to delete all cache. Reopen Firefox, paste in the URL web address, and GO. If the block continues change VPN ISP location and repeat.


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