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Dear Jim: Gen Milley and Other Trivia.

Kerry Cassidy interviews Krypto12, a recently retired (like last week) captain of a special unit in Delta force. Interesting but Kerry let's him know that his info is already public knowledge. About Milley he says he will go which ever way the wind is blowing to further his career, in other words, he is a traitor.


That Ezra A. Cohen character made 3 consecutive Telegram posts:

A matter of national security...

Did General Milley plan a false flag attack against the

United States of America with the Chinese military?

Christopher Miller is a Patriot.

[ Next post hints at DECLASS... ] ( 1st of 3 related posts )

Also see this Milley quote (pic):


"Lady Di" posted:

"Queen Elizabeth joins Prince Philip ! STORM IS COMING"


I purchased Juan O Savin's book, "Kid By The Side Of The Road" which is not a kid's personal experience as I was expecting. Instead it is a very well written summary of important tidbits of history from Babylon and early Egyptians leading to our present mess in the USA as revealed by Q and others.

"Kid by the Side of the Road. We’ve all been bystanders watching events go by, not understanding their true meaning."

The most important "Conspiracy Theories" surrounding the bankster cabal are covered. The fairly awake will already be familiar with most of the contents. WE, The Awake, are all Team Q - THAT is the personal experience. I paused for a break on page 17 of 84 and it's excellent so far. I will be mailing an extra copy to my snoring parents and siblings who all live close together in Commie, CA. Available as Ebook and/or paperback:


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