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Dear Jim: FYI: Godlewskii 2.0...

Old farts with shaky memories flashback to Feb 26, 2022: Ya’ll are going to shit your pants when you find out who you’ve been talking to here. Mark my words. You’re not fully ready for the connection(s). Guys - this person is NOT me. I have only ONE username, and that’s @philgodlewski So, Godlewski setup a 17-ish channel for somebody else to use. Back to the future or last night more exactly. A series of about 25 posts appeared that are definitely out of Godlewski(i) character. An open message to a very private adversary. [ First post in series. Text for all relevant posts copy-pasted below with white space and pics removed.] Things are heating up. Things are now HOT. Tick tock go the hands of the clock. Are you ready? [ 6 Pics ] [you] probably shouldn't have been so careless. Even the greatest computer system in the world is vulnerable to infiltration. Especially when I'm still around. what? [you] don't remember me? [you] will soon. [ Pic ] Doubt me? The key was not encrypted. The key can (and was) intercepted during [your] pairing process. What kind of agency doesn't encrypt such an important key? Server Side Request Forgery (SSRF). Back-end data collected (and distributed). GO TIME I wrote [your] programs and [you] never changed them? We used [your] own game against [you]. Disinformation. Time line edits. "Look here, not there". Shame on [you]. We win. Overnight IoT lock key = enabled ::/: Nontechnical assault 802.11b wireless (seriously? no, seriously? 😆) (OSs) [5] BSD UNIX Root kit = DENIED NMAP HPING3 = course/ping/test firewall = DENIED THC HYDRA (easy) = ENTRY [you] are WEAK. Keep [your] focus on Russia. How many years now? All instruments pointed at Russia. [you] wouldn't buy ice from an eskimo, would [you]? perhaps [you] would.. [you] underestimated the opposing team [you] didnt even care to know WHO was on the opposing team (me, for one) [you] were content thinking [your] team was unstoppable and now, [you] have lost. [ Pic ] Expect us. -all- of us. </> I can smell the shit in [your] pants all the way from Arizona. It stinks. [ Last post in the series. ] ---------- My Comments ---------------- Sounds like Assange, McAfee, or some other high profile hacker. Next week should be interesting...(already is). Godlewski told us in a very recent livestream that he would reveal the truth about himself after Trump returned to public office. He also did a couple livestreams on Project Looking Glass and claims to have been in the machine (like movie Contact but smaller). Like other Looking Glass whistleblowers he agrees that the machine was destroyed or at least disassembled and scattered around because it would be too dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Jeff

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