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Parkes told us many months ago that Florida would be a key leader in the war against the Deep State. Looks like he was right.

Jaco and other popular bloggers have moved to Florida - maybe they know as well.

----------- Somewhat related news: ------------

Many people are moving to Florida into those new housing developments you wrote about a few weeks ago. Home building is busy in my neighborhood too. Around here increased construction was visible several years ago before national politics and the covid crisis came to a head.

I think the builders had a heads up but the actual insider news was likely The Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) or Mini Ice Age that comes around approximately every 400 years. I started noticing slightly cooler temps last year - no 100 degree days last summer and even cooler this summer. Clif High has mentioned the cooling as well. The GSM is expected to take several years to peak and decline over decades. Some predict 6 degree cooler average temps in the midwest grain belt but who really knows. A 6 degree drop over several years will lead to global starvation if the sci-fi replicators don't show up. The MSM has been promoting Global Warming Climate Change which is the exact opposite of empirical science.

Prior GSMs have been documented in old artwork, tree rings, etc. Several old paintings from around the 1600s show Londoners ice skating on the River Thames. One of the first documented cycles in England was around 700 AD. In the US those with the means are slowly moving south but that will likely become a hoard of hungry, shivering people in years to come. The current depopulation effort by the Deep State may be seen as a necessary evil for global management of nature's boom and bust cycles.


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