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Dear JIm: Fwd: Mind blowing video explains a lot, including what's really going

on in Ukraine. Probably has a lot to do with the "Heavenly Jerusalem" project, AKA the "New Israel" project. The material presented here seems to be well sourced. Here's a writeup my son did about this video when he told me about it:

"Looks like Zelenskyy's goal is not winning the war with Russia, but a mass exodus from Israel to Ukraine by prolonging the war to grift as much Foreign Aid to fund the big move. If you understand the history that the Jewish people of Israel are not actually Semitic Jews, but rather converts from Khazarian tribes, and that their true ancestral homeland is actually in the Ukraine region, you'd understand why moving Israel to Ukraine makes perfect sense. Also, Israel being in the Middle East is dangerous as they are surrounded by their enemies. Being centered in Europe makes far more sense historically and safety wise. The true Semitic Jews of ancient Israel are the people who live around Palestine and they converted to Islam centuries ago." Prepare to be surprised!


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