• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: From Lori Again.

WOW! You actually posted my thoughts on your website. I feel validated.

Thank you for doing what you do Jim. Honestly, I am really close to my wit's end [yes I think I only have 1 left 😁]

Your website is where I get my links to look at other stuff. For the most part I absolutely refuse to watch the MSM news and if/when I do, it only takes a couple of minutes before they piss me off and I have to switch the channel.

Sometimes I wish "the bombs" would go off and we just didn't have to watch the show any more...and wait some more...for more bullshit to be played against the people.

I want some meat. I want to see the bad people go streaming. I want the truth about it all to be laid out and those that can handle the truth will go forward and make a better world. And those that can't will flop around like fish out of water, with their eyes bugging out, until they just cease to be. I know that probably seems pretty harsh, but I've been a realist in a very ridiculously unreal world for almost 60 years.

One sad thing that I have experienced in the last few years - especially since Trump was elected - is that there are very few people that actually "get it". And what I mean is, that the world is a stage. And we are watching the most long-winded show ever. And so many people, including people I considered to be wonderful and great friends, have now shown me that they can't handle the truth. They believe what the mainstream media has been forcing down their gullets. They don't understand why the constitution was written the way it was. They get sucked into the mass-shooting stories and believe that people shouldn't be allowed to have guns. And they believe we should defund our police. What the hell is wrong with their brains? Why can't they see what we see?

Anyway, I'm ranting and could continue to do so for several pages. I won't do that. I just wanted to once again say Thank You.

I'm trying to keep my chin up and not just go crawl in a cave and die.


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