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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Frederickburg Rant.

Good points on your rant. as for Fredericksburg I used to live there for awhile and work there. I visited every battlefield in the area and even got involved in civil war reenacting (confederate side naturally).

I'm now in the Front Royal area and have visited everything along interstate 81 in Va. I even ran into a relation I didn't know I had and we were both related to Captain Orin Herendeen who died at Gettysburg in the wheat field. I found out how he died by my relative and he found out where he was buried in NY. Come to find out it was in a church cemetery in Farmington, NY.

My relation had been going to that church for 25 years and had never known about him being buried there! Google Captain Orin Herendeen, 26th NY. Had another Herendeen who served under Custer out west....stayed back at the fort when Custer was killed at Little Big Horn.

Sgt Blue

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