• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: First US (Human) Bird Flu Infection.

Search for [ CDC First US Bird Flu Infection ]:

Here comes the next one, just like Gates and others warned.

Stock up on Quercetin, C, D, Zinc, etc.

Note that bird flu is fairly normal and usually does not affect humans.


Meanwhile, many 17-ish Telegram channels that were pushing 5:5 and VV coded messages are now blatantly posting the date 5-5-2022 for something - prolly another floodgate opening: ( 5:5 ) ( one week from Apr 27 ) ( date = 5.5 ) ( 5.5.2022 ) [ truth in satire ? ]


I was hoping "The Plan" would be faster but it looks like a continued Chinese Water Torture ahead of us. Big things move slowly - huge things barely move at all, most of the time at least. Just about anything will be better than Agenda 2030.

2019 - Pandemic

2020 - False election

2021 - Vaccine

2022 - War

2023 - Biggest inflation


2025 - Peace in the world!


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