• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: First Audit Floodgate Opened!

But first, looks like a deal was made.

Sep 11/12 deadline extended so maybe various floodgates will be opened a one at a time instead of all at once - MORE DS PAIN! Chinese water torture. Watch the Water. Imminent false flags may be delayed or averted.

EO 13848 EXTENDED (by Resident Actor Bidan!):

"...the national emergency declared on September 12, 2018, must continue in effect beyond September 12, 2021."

Someone posted a very long list of celebrity homes up for sale. I didn't read it in detail but it looked like hundreds of names, not just 40 or 50. My guess is that Trump's other important EO blocking assets of those involved with crimes against humanity maybe didn't need an extension if it had an expiration. Paperwork already in progress.


First Audit floodgate, Canvas revealed (not official data):

Scroll up and down all of today's posts.

Results of the 2020 Maricopa County election canvas.

173,000 missing votes.

96,000 ghost votes.

This is not the Maricopa County audit report. It is an independent report detailing the results of a canvas conducted by Liz Harris and a group of volunteers.


Upcoming floodgate. The Queen is dead - long live the Queen!

Scroll down to the present.

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