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Dear Jim: FAUCI Flashback on AIDS.

Fauci flashback.

I have known that for decades. I read and have the book called: The AIDS Coverup. Printed in the late 80s. 100,000 copies were printed and then the book was banned. One of many reasons I knew America was no longer free. My mother bought a copy and so did I before it was banned. In that book it says the AIDS virus can live in a chlorinated pool for up to 11 days. This book is not fluff. It is JAMA article etc after reference proving the author. I never went to a gym or public sauna ever again after reading that book. They banned the book but not before I read it. JE

Response: Thanks JE. You are definitely smarter than me. I figured you could get it in the pool but assumed you both had to be neked. Welcome to the site JE.

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