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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Did you hear about the 30 tons of Ammonium Nitrate being shipped

via train from Wyoming to California that went missing? Never showed up in Calif?

Who could pull off a rail theft like that? Answer: The Feds, in particular the FBI. This will no doubt be used in some upcoming false flag blamed on patriots or Trump supporters, or Biden-haters, or whatever.

Mike Adams points all this out in the first 30 minutes of this broadcast. Thank you Mike. It kinda spoils it for the perpetrators if we all expect that a false flag is coming and we even know what type of weapon they will use.

PS: I once talked to a guy who knew about the explosiveness of Ammonium Nitrate (from using it as farm fertilizer). He said a van load of it might have blown out all the windows in the Oklahoma City building, but it wouldn't nearly have the power to blow off the front of that concrete building. Early local news reports that day, I saw, reported unexploded bombs being reported by first responders inside what was left of the building. Once the FBI showed up and locked down the scene, those reports disappeared and we were told only about Ammonium Nitrate and Timothy McVeigh.

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