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Dear Jim: Covid Fallout.

Dear Jim,

Although I am an expat living in Canada, I am following all of the independent news as closely as I can.

Up here in Toronto, things are getting nasty, especially for those who choose not to get the shot. The “election” coming up this Monday is a harbinger of more bad things to come. All of the candidates, save one, are in favor of or will look the other way if any province decides to put in place (notice I don’t write enact, for I don’t think they can actually enact) a vaccine passport or pass, though some businesses are doing this on their own - Tim Hortons for example.

I had been on call for a well-respected orchestra for the past 11 years, up until this month when they enacted a vaccine only policy. I have also been the music director of a church for the past 12 years. Now the archdiocese of Toronto (Anglican) is instituting a vaccine policy for those in service to the church, including any volunteers or readers. Surprisingly, any one who wants to attend church does not need to vaxxed or tested.

On top of that, the church has gone full-blown hypocritical by not allowing the use of any Religious Exemption. I may be able to stay if the cost of continuous testing can be borne by both myself and the church. They need me desperately to keep all of their tech going - TV screens, computers, online services, etc. - since there hasn’t been any singing in the  church since all of the lockdowns began.

When I moved to Canada, I honestly thought that the political environment and the social establishment would not allow for this communist infiltration to occur. But with the “jaws” closing in, I must truly consider moving back to the US to a safe, sane state that puts science first and not scientism. I am open to suggestions, though Florida and Texas top the list so far.

There are only a few people I know that have not taken the MSN bait hook, line, and sinker. I though the people of Canada were a lot smarter then they are behaving (a supposed majority of people now think that un-vaxxed persons should not receive health care).

I write this message to you only to show that the US is not the only ones in trouble.
Fortunately, I do have a way out. My wife and I can come home. But those who can’t move to “safe states” are in for a world of hurt.

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