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Dear Jim: Conversation I had in a Chat Room.

Kauboy Said:

All the stuff you presented last week, with the AZ audit, the Cyber Symposium, and the rest... we're just supposed to gloss over the fact that NOTHING happened as a result?

That didn't pan out, so.... now let's distract with another shiny thing over here...

"Hey, look at the middle east guys! Betcha didn't see that coming, but the soothsayers sure did, even though they didn't tell anyone. They told us all after it happened, and then gave a reason why it happened, so we should believe them."

Benny Said: "So, are we looking at economic collapse within the month? I was thinking it would take a little longer."

My Response: Kauboy said: "They had their chance January 6th, January 21st, and following, when D.C. was fully under their control... and they did nothing."

Are you quite certain of that statement? As Will Rogers said, "It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble, it's what you know for a fact but just ain't so that gets you."

We are in a war like the world has never seen before, one being fought over our minds. But as all wars go patterns are predictable but never certain dates. Only a fool would use certain dates. The patterns are holding true. If one doesn't allow himself to see it or even look at the data then it cannot be seen. It's like watching a chess game. When you see Rooks lining up expect a major attack. If you don't look you will never see it. I know what I am seeing.

Major actions were predicted for last week and immediately forward. That did and is occurring. Did you think all the warnings I posted in a Rant last week would all occur in just a day or so? No, it was meant to be cascading events beginning last week. The Military is being pulled back home and abandoning the Petro-Dollar, just as Trump planned and started. The global U.S. military protecting the assets of the elite just ended. That kill shot also means the end of NATO. Do you honestly believe Biden did that?

@BennyMG1: You tell me. Look at the airline industry that is shutting down because they are losing their pilots and crews because of the Suicide Shots they took and the risks now to them at high altitudes. That entire industry will be totally dead in another 2 or 3 months. Look at all the medical practitioners and crane operators that are having to drop out of the work force because of recurring light headedness. Then on top of that the dollar collapse is and will greatly hamper trade and shipments.

No Benny, the planned collapse of the business world will occur even after the Deep State has lost. Deaths will occur and the devil will have to be paid just the same. With the death of the dollar all those Wall Street boys and big bankers will be unemployed. Don't forget that most of the U.S. GDP comes from them, followed by small businesses that are still being hammered.

We should see it really showing itself within a month and be full blown by early October.

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