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Dear Jim: Container Stacking Author Is Pro Vax

That intolerably long post by "TheZvi" on container stacking uses way too many words which to me is a warning for shallow thinking and/or intentional fake news disinfo or distraction. So, I visited a few other posts by TheZvi. The author is pro covid vax and I have mentally shit canned the entire blog. I would provide a link but don't want to waste anyone's time.

I see an increasing number of alt-news posts about the covid vax being both an IQ test and a filter for humanity's future. I sent this idea to my email clan about a year ago. I also abruptly stopped my broadcast newsletter rants about 6 months ago. After 8 to 10 years of warning about the NWO agenda almost all recipients still got jabbed. For the most part I failed in my awakening mission and the few that did wake up no longer need my help. Jef

Response: After consideration, here is a wild possibility. If we start with the possibility that China owns/controls a particular port,

And allowing stacking moves the probability that a container on top with launchable missiles in it,

the probability of that goes from 50% (2 containers high) down to 17% if stacks are higher, as the author suggests.

But, if China controls the stacking and has a list of missile containers, they can cause 100% of the missiles to be placed on top of the stacks. But I have to admit getting to 100% would be hard to do and unlikely.

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