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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Consider Bitcoin as property. Owning Bitcoin is like owning

[Hi Jim. Forwarding just in case you are now interested in Bitcoin...]

a small piece of a desirable property on Miami Beach, or in New York city.  Owning property is what wealthy people do with their money; they buy and hold properties.  Now it's possible for average people to own property just like the wealthy do, because the world has a new type of desirable property: Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor explains this to a somewhat disbelieving TV host who seems mired in the investing strategy "buy low, sell high and put the [fiat] profits in the bank".  But because Bitcoin is the best property in the world, we bitcoiners have the saying, somewhat tongue-in-cheek: "never sell your Bitcoin":

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John Duggan
John Duggan
Mar 13

Seems obvious that Bitcoin is a way of diverting investments from precious metals and commodities. Imagine the price of gold and silver if the money invested in Bitcoin were used to buy pms. It's a guv con job from the beginning.

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