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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Cliff High's WOOSFUL

The latest reports truly was giving me problems.

After all, off world Alien Bugs taking over people's minds? Causing both the cabal to commit every abhorent thing before God?

Come on, people including me must think He's absolutely burned out nuts.

I was called 1991 so I am somewhat aware of most of what is out there.

I had a hard time listening to him until - I realized replace the alien bugs, reptilian etc. When he described how they operate, he is describing Demons.

Read the Christian Bible and include both new and old testimates.

Read job and look Read how Lucifer would go out into the creation and report to God.

Read the part where Jesus cast the Demons out of the crazy man and put them into nearby pigs.

Jim, God is an alien by human definition.

When king David was returning the Ark of the Covenant he told God he would build a great temple (paraphrasing).

God responded to David telling him "What kind [of] temple can you build for Me as the earth is but my footstool"

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with you.

Didn't want it to be posted but it's up to you.

I as you respect Cliff High and appreciate him.

Thank You Jim,

Floyd. Thank You for taking time

Response: Thanks Floyd. You are not the first one to say that to me this week. In the beginning of Clif's introduction of the bug a few weeks ago Clif said lets just use the term as a "place holder" for "it". My mind is still open to it as a place holder. Let's see where this goes. We are moving into the unknown where anything impossible is possible.

I recall a conversation I had once with a most devout Catholic family Doctor about how confusing life can be. He brought the conversation up; 'couldn't tell you a thing about it except his statement of something like "I love god very much but if he had sent Joan of Arc to me I would have had her committed!"

But I am still convinced that in the past month or so Clif has been having conversations with the SOC in some way and is being steered as to when to play cards out as only he can. When someone is passing the ammo out in a foxhole I don't care who passes it, I take it.

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