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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim - Clif High NESARA.


I reckon I'm screwed. 

I think Clif is right. 

But a lot of people are gonna blow their brains out because they can't eat now.

Due to greedy landlords and corporations lots of families up here are already homeless.  Posts up here on FACEBOOK? About 30% are begging for help to buy diapers or pay the electric bill. 

Something has to give.

I wish NESARA GESARA were true.



Response: I have not read Clif's post yet but I am sure he said it's not real.

I have said this before but let's do this one step at a time together, shall we?

Nothing is set in stone yet but:

First we must return to the rule of law.

That means under rule of law, all the big banks are bankrupt; insolvent. They will cease to exist. Loans payable to them will be voidable by those that owe them. Under law, those loans were made under fraud when the banks initially made the loans.

Now that all debtors realize they were defrauded, they can themselves void those loans. Debtors do not have to go to court to do so. They do it by just thinking it.

No beneficiary of the bank bankruptcy will sue for the loans because they know it is no longer a legal debt due to fraud.


It is true that NESARA / GESARA will not be rolled out as such. But I continue to say that as we crawl out of the train wreck of the failed economy, each country must create a new economy quickly. They will emulate the ideas from the NESARA plan to jump-start a new economic system.

Therefore, in the end, NESARA / GESARA, in substance, will appear.

In a short order, we will need money less and less. Humanity is going to some place entirely new. You just can't see it yet.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 17

Makes sense, Jim, thanks for your read and logic.

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