• Jim Costa

Dear Jim: Charlie Ward Today?

Do you believe he was the only person to have been paid out and wanted access??????????

I thought once you got access you had to sign a NDA…??? Jack

Response: Here is an interesting thought for you: * We now know that banks are no longer required to keep 10% cash on hand of customer balances. * Banks are now allowed by law to do a Bail-In for themselves. * Banks are now allowed to push the depositor down to non-secured class in event of bankruptcy, meaning they will be the last ones to get some money back. * Therefore, can a bank wait until the day the big GESARA payout occurs and file for bankruptcy on that day (or the next) after doing a bail-in?

Comment by Jack: The way I remember it is:

Unless the bank files bankruptcy, then – under the bk act-

As amended a few years ago, depositors are considered

Non secured creditors. Jack

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