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Dear Jim: Castle-Rock Declass

I saw the Russian psyop pieces by Jim Stone and Bill Still. Interesting but can't believe it applies today. Too much stuff has happened, too much effort. The Deep State could have completed the steal by now at much lower cost/effort. Instead, it's a Team Trump psyop...


Dave/X22 and so many others are more believable - we ARE watching a movie...(spoiler alert - Team Trump already has most of the ending pre-recorded). Biden and others like Killary are obviously double/clone actors - the side by side comparison pictures are clearly evidence.

Trump spent time in Hollywood with his show "The Apprentice" where HE WAS THE APPRENTICE. He was learning how to make a good movie. He has Mnuchin at his side, A REAL MOVIE PRODUCER.

Q-Post #4414, RED6 + 2 = CASTLE_ROCK [Entertainment Co,]


"Rob Reiner named the company in honor of the FICTIONAL Maine town of the same name that serves as the setting of several stories by author Stephen King, which in itself is named after the FICTIONAL mountain fort in William Golding's 1954 novel Lord of the Flies."

Warner Bros. owns the rights to most of Castle Rock. Warner...rings a bell...didn't he bomb Nashville with Bugs Bunny's help? Anthony Quinn Warner? Rub it in!

Then we have DECLASS ! It's happening, effin huge dump - start at the bottom. Micro-sample attached.

Enjoy the show! J

p.s. A lot of people are going to end up in straight jackets and padded cells.

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