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Dear Jim: Austria Orders Lockdown for the Unvaccinated.

My understanding is this came into effect today Monday the 15th.

My partner and I were shopping for supplies and warm clothes in a large town ahead of the lockdown on Friday 12th at which time FFP2 masks were now required in all shops. This has been the case for some time in food shops as ever there is zero logic or science to back or support any of these measures.

We both have a Doctor's exemption from wearing a mask for health reasons and instead were wearing the GP supplied face shield which formed part of the exemption. We were held up in a store by the Police and told only FFP2 masks could be used, had to show our exemptions including photo IDs both of which were photographed, no different from Jews having to show papers in N*zi Germ*ny. They informed us this would be checked into and we face prosecution if they are fake.

Here is the thing and why both of us were upset by the exchange. Not only had we done nothing wrong legally or morally we have both been health care professionals and spent many years endeavouring to help our fellow “humans” to use a Cliff High term, and no not in main stream fields.

I have since age 17 been interested in such as ‘who are we’ ? 'Why are we here’  'how does life truly work’? And many other questions 
When you ask questions, answers present themselves and for over 20 years I have tried to make people aware of geopolitics and advocating for all humanity to all that is within and without Earth. (Maybe I lost a few right there)

My instincts are not bad and what was upsetting is what I picked up energetically. The police were young male and female. While the man said nothing and intuition if correct was he was not happy knew there was fundamentally something wrong with their actions but did not know what he could do. The Female whom my partner spoke with directly as I can not yet speak German well enough it was clear to us both she felt virtuous.
That this is Austria and we have the history of H*tl*r and WW2 and the divisions created to enable H*tl*r to prosecute the war with the peoples support her lack of awareness was shocking to me.

The massive fraud being perpetrated upon the people of the world is only possible with the cooperation of those carrying the guns in particular the Police  who are not protecting the innocent and not arresting the true criminals. For Gods sake America don’t give up your guns.

“Where we go one we go all” is and has been for me spoken to a potential incredible reality here on this planet, if humanity would but wake up and not continue to be asleep, as represented by watching sports stars as though these are heroes they aren’t. A hero for me would be a person who has dedicated a life to not main stream medical but looked for creation of new hearts and those brave souls who have stood up raised their head above the parapet to speak TRUTH at often great personal risk to career and life itself. Many have been silenced permanently.

I have said for years “ we *re at w*r” and for even longer that if I were omnipotent I could change the world in one go by making it impossible to speak other than the absolute truth as you see it or know it. You might be incorrect in what you say but speaking your truth would instantly make the world's face alter radically. Imagine if Ad*m Sc*iff could not lie had not lied ! He is but an example and sorry I didn’t mean to single you out Ad*m you are around and resonate with many other professional liars which is the main qualification to being in Government.

People in power are there because they crave power which isn’t a good reason, and in all reality is seen by me as a weakness and a need or lack within themselves. Those relatively few who seek office for high moral reasons and to do good are either corrupted or crushed. It is difficult for most to see or comprehend that those Billion*ires and Trillion*irs only want more, as it is for so many to get beyond the simple belief that those who ‘rule’ want what is best for those over who they rule. That any person by now can not look at human history and not see this is beyond me.

“Good save the Queen” well I am British how about God save the soldier who fights to keep those in power rich because they believed a dishonest narrative.

I seek to be intelligent which for me is a person who when faced with new information is able to change their position enough validated evidence is there from different sources and discarding when conflict of interests are clearly present. I also use discernment to the best of my ability always.I admit I can be wrong and history has shown if I make a mistake it is always I thought better of a person than I ought to have.

The interaction with the P*lice Woman's attitude energetically makes me question the wisdom I have used to advocate for ‘all’ humanity including with off world beings in the face of wilful blindness.

I choose to always find a positive in any situation and first this experience showed me something I needed to see first hand and secondly the funny funny side which is after she has enforced against the people if the Kl*us Schw*bs of the world were to succeed would she be left alive among them? I rather expect not all useful tools are discarded when their usefulness has run out.
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