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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: About Turkey.

I'm curious to know how this will come about as Turkey accounts for 0.9% of the world's GDP.

Dr. J.

Response: That is a great question.

First let's consider their location. Their country alone bridges Europe and the Arabian world of influence. What they do can spook the hell out of their neighbors who are already spooked about the US Dollar, Central Banks, Cabal etc.

Next is the fear factor. Up until now, whenever the confidence in Fiat currency occurs citizens run to precious metals. This time they can try Crypto currency.

The US Dollar Ponzi scheme ends when people get spooked. They may be about to get a good look at the spookiness of it all.

If Turkey turns down a great CABAL deal just to get as far away from the dollar as possible, watch out.

So far two other countries have gotten off the Dollar, albeit small ones (as you point out about Turkey). I believe that has been Greenland and Venezuela.

We may be watching a giant game of Chicken. Which culture will turn away from the Dollar and to safety first? What does the last one remaining with the Dollar win?

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