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Dear Jim: A long documentary re: WW2 and "stuff".

As I’ve said in a couple of other emails to you, thank you for spending so much time accumulating and collecting information.

You may or may not be aware of a lengthy documentary what was made, titled “Europa: The Last Battle”, made in 2017. It definitely seems to be legitimate (and even has its own IMDB page).

It can be viewed through there or on

I would say it is definitely worth watching. It also (certainly for me) completely redefines everything about a good chunk of our history. [Add in Mauro Biglino’s book, Gods of the Bible ( and all of the other information which is definitely starting to filter out regarding Tartaria and previous civilizations and … honestly, I’m not sure I trust anything in history which I haven’t personally been alive for - and even only about half of that, maybe.]

In a lot of ways, the “bottom line” is that there’s a lot more hidden than revealed regarding any of our history and there’s far too much of it which is, at best, suspect.

[Of course, this is not to say that anyone who, in modern times, praises the actions which were “supposed” to have been done by them is correct. Far from it. After all, if you praise any group of people who you think were mass executioners - that doesn’t make you a good person either.]

  Jim’s Friend

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