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Dear Jim: A Few Things To Think About.

Nothing Can Stop 5.5 ??? The 17ish Knndy Telegram Channels have changed the acronym NCSWIC (Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming) to NCSVVIC. ( Also, WWG1WGA changed to WWG1VVGA. ) If we assume V = 5, then... NCSVVIC = Nothing Can Stop 55 Is Coming. From Chapter 5.5, The Law of War Manual: 5.5 DISCRIMINATION IN CONDUCTING ATTACKS Under the principle of distinction, combatants may make enemy combatants and other military objectives the object of attack, but may not make the civilian population and other protected persons and objects the object of attack. Is the secret war going more public? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps 55 means May 5th? --------------------------- I finally watched the 2005 movie "V for Vendetta" last week. It's a modern day replay of the 1605 London Gunpowder Plot as revenge for gumment medical tyranny. "Remember, remember the 5th of November." Clears up a lot of references - shoulda watched a long time ago. ----------------------------- Today, March 24th, is supposed to be some sort of turning point, similar to February 22nd (Ukraine). Can't remember the topic but financial I think. Anyway, metals are on the move again as the US State Dept has officially declared Putin and Russia to be war criminals. March 30th is another unspecified turning point or notable event date. -------------------------------- This new Telegram channel should be interesting: "I am Q."

Nothing Can Stop 55.png

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