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  • Jim Costa

Dear Jim: A Federal Statute cannot change the Constitution?

This may technically (theoretically) be correct:

"The U. S. Constitution spells out the qualifications for the office of president. It does not mention prior convictions. A Federal Statute cannot change the Constitution so that statute wording is worthless."

Unfortunately the Constitution has not been in effect for well over a hundred years. For example, "Shall not be infringed" has been stomped out of existence - there are countless laws on the books which blatantly infringe and are regularly enforced. In practice "legality" or what matters depends on who or what actually holds the puppet strings or is enforcing the movie script. Just ask those still incarcerated or convicted over the Jan 6 crap. Look at your FRNs - do they represent gold and silver, the only legal tender under the Constitution?

With luck the next year or so will flush this crap down the drain.


About the Brandon exiting from MARINE 1 video. Also note that there are no Marines in dress or work uniforms present. Military on presidential detail will always be in uniform. No uniform - no need to salute. No CIC, no need to salute.

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