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It appears that a staggering 28% of gold supplied to the LBMA has now been cutoff. Get ready for a massive short squeeze in the gold market.

The Real Financial War Is In The Gold Market

April 9 (King World News) – Eric King: “Alasdair, there is this continued financial war with Russia. There used to be this flow of gold from Russia into the LBMA. That’s been cutoff. Talk about how Russia might setting up the gold market for a short squeeze.”

------------- My Comments -------------

I believe Russia initially boosted the petrodollar value when they linked the Ruble to gold at 5000 rubles/gram (about $1500/oz equivalent) so it wouldn't be seen as an overt act of war. That initial shock has settled so Russia can raise the bar in incremental steps. They are now reducing the sugar in the LBMA KoolAid. It seems every attack on the collective Khazarian Mafia is being done incrementally to avoid a over the top response and an openly kinetic WW3.

Let's assume that the Good Guys indeed raided the Vatican gold hoard and distributed it around the world: ( another 17-ish channel )

[ ... The long over due COLLAPSE of the CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM that officially began in October is now coming into an unfamiliar time frame> APRIL, MAY JUNE >BUST< ...

Unknown to most around the WORLD... The U.S. military that confiscated the VATICAN gold and tunnels in Switzerland with over 600 military carriers carrying the Gold has already been divided into MAJOR COUNTRIES....UK. EU. ... CANADA ( has silver backed)/// but the rest of the world was given GOLD ( AND IS IN SECURE LOCATIONS AROUND THE WORLD ,)///]

So, when fiat currencies crash (this summer?) then countries with newly acquired former Vatican gold can trade it for Russian rubles or other asset backed currency for their FOREX reserves in the new paradigm. Russia uses the gold to print more gold backed rubles. A brilliant distribution system to counter K-mafia sanctions against Russia!!! Planned from the beginning I have to assume


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