• Jim Costa

Danielle, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. [Recapped] [MUST HEAR!!!]

23 Minute Video


0 MM Executive Order 13959 will go into effect in less than 5 hours. Companies will be going down (all big media channels). Parkes said he was told it would happen on Wednesday but appears timeline has been moved up.

2 MM A lot of international maneuvering is going on now to cause his to be moved up. We need to discuss world events and get past domestic issues. This will take down the entire Chinese Market and Bitcoin. This is now between the CCP and the rest of the world.

6 MM China has nuclear weapons under the 3 gorges dam and must be taken down. One says the weapons but not nuclear as they are biological. They will be using the Rods Of Gods. They do not believe this will be a nuclear war.

9. MM This is the biggest problem Trump faces. The world needs to free up the news media as to what is happening. China is in a bad place now as the world tries to reign them in. 11 MM Pelosi has just decided to not impeach right now. She must be aware of what is going on. Perhaps they have been in power for so long they just assume the right to rule and not look over their shoulder.

13 MM We are discussing about electronic war with China at this point now.

14 MM When we are offline how can we communicate? We are going through the great awakening now; don't be scared.

18 MM Don't be scared - this is going to someplace good. A nuclear scare will be worth it.

19 MM Russia has agreed to stay out of this. This is good.

22 MM We need a reeducation program because people will be so shocked and confused when all the truth is out.


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