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Clif High - Unobtainium [Must Read]

Back in the day, as in 22 years ago, when my data scraping, emotional reduction engine process first started spitting out prescient language sets about this, our current time and its manifesting circumstances, a new ‘money’ was described.

Over the years of my work with Predictive Linguistics, the data sets were continuously shading towards accurate in their descriptors and the supporting modifiers. It was the timing that was always a bitch.

The data sets filled in with descriptor sets through the 2000s, until we arrive at the point of the actual emergence of what had been forecast, the Satoshi White Paper, and the birth of Cryptocurrencies.

Throughout this period of time of the hints of the emergence of the new money, there were other data sets forming that described Our World of Change in other aspects. The data accrued sets that described other, new ‘financial systems’ which were to be coincident with the manifestation of the new ‘money’.

The ‘financial systems’ sets of descriptors painted a picture of three ‘new offerings from officialdom’ during this period. As the data was maturing over those years, a picture emerged of TPTB being ‘panicked’ and ‘desperate’. The source of their desperation in the data was always centered on this ‘new money’. In these sets, it was the appearance of this ‘competition’ that TPTB did not, and could not control, that was the primary supporting aspect/attribute sub set for those descriptors.

The data painted a picture of TPTB and their problem with money that is now unfolding. The scenario extracted from the data would have TPTB first ‘present/command’ the people to ‘accept’ their new ‘financial system’. The descriptor set ‘financial system’ is not about the underlying ‘money’, but rather the ‘ownership’ of the system itself.

The data showed that the ‘command’ to move into their new system would be ‘ignored’ by the people. In my thinking, this was the revealing of their “Great Reset”. Yes, they thought they could just trick everyone, such that we would accept it, getting on with things.

Reality manifested as the data had suggested, not only did cryptos emerge, but when the Great Reset popped up, the people ignored it.

The data sets over the decades forecast a total of three rounds of ‘presentations’ of ‘new financial systems’, each of which would be rejected in turn. The sets pointed out that about 3 years would be involved in the rejection of the first of the proffered new systems (which is likely the Great Reset), and then the next 2 offered systems would be rejected in mere weeks. A very short period indeed.

This period, that is the days you live through now, was described in the data as being chaotic (yep, nailed that), and that the ‘new money’ would become incredibly valuable. As the old Officialdom, read Khazarian Mafia here, was dying, the data described their financial system as a ‘balloon’ that was ‘losing all its value’ into the new currency. Yep, IMO this pretty much describes BTC/cryptos, and fiat today.

That these sets have manifested provides me with a nice, warm, comfortable feeling about the other sets also appearing in our reality. Thus it seems probable that we will get 2 additional, very crude, very brittle offerings of ‘replacement’ for the current fiat money system from our current officialdom of the hidden Khazarian Mafia posing as Liberal Western Republics with their Private Central Banks.

We will all laugh.

But then things will get serious. The data had described the Central Banking system as ‘flooding’ the world with its dying fiat currency. This was to cause massive global problems (here now), as well as to ‘whip’ the global populace into a ‘frenzy’ to get out of the old system that they see expiring in the news headlines daily. During this period of the meltdown of the old financial system, the bleed out of value was described as being so extreme that the new money would take on the description of ‘un-obtainium’.

Traveling to the period of Unobtainium, we will progress through a time where we will see $1000 per day increases in the price for BTC. It was in that period that the sets showed Silver rising dramatically, first in big steps of a dollar a day, then leaps of 5 dollars a day to then daily jumps of 20 or more dollars. It also moves towards Unobtainium status by becoming Really Difficult To Get (getting close now).

These days were also forecast to include massive changes in how global humanity organized itself. We know now it is going to be due to the crushing of the Khazarian Mafia (aka Officialdom) and the release of Humanity from their oppression.

Generalized political chaos was in the forecast, as was a Global Great Meeting, that will be somehow organized by grand mothers.

We will have ‘liberation’ of True Human History appear in many forms, much of which will force our focus to Antarctica.

Space aliens are forecast to show what passes for their faces. This was a late Summer appearance.

In my opinion, 2022 is shaping up as the year of Unobtainium.

Exciting, eh?

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