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  • Jim Costa

Clif High - This may hurt.

Some humans don’t think. Ever. Really.

You know these people. Some of your friends are like this. Good guys, just not thinkers.

Some humans think they think, but don’t. Usually these people end up as politicians & managers. This can be good, or this can be bad. Depends very much on the individual and how much they don’t think, but think they do. You know these people as well. You have worked for these people. Likely it was not a good experience.

Some humans think very very deeply. Like seriously deep, down holes so dark and far reaching that to follow them is to risk getting lost, irretrievably. These people self-select into The Academy, becoming Academics. They cause much of the problems and suffering in the world as they think so deeply that they lose sight of the Light of Humanity, and are easily tricked by the power hungry among those humans who think that they think.

Some humans think very clearly, thus are instantly discounted by most of normal humanity under mostly normal conditions as being complete idiots, in the parlance of the times, a 'conspiracy theorist’.

People who think clearly will speak simply, using precisely chosen words to describe the common, shared reality of that, and all previous, moments, such that maximum understanding of that reality may be discussed with minimal potential for confusion. Humans who think clearly see widely, even through Time as it manifests itself through Humanity.

Humans who think clearly observe that Humanity is continually creating itself anew through every human who comes to think clearly. Time existed before, through, and beyond Humanity, but at this moment in this reality, Humans are arguably it’s best expression in this Matterium. Humans who think clearly mostly just want to be left alone to think, recognizing, that most times, most people, have very little need for thinking clearly as clearly most people don’t often think, and certainly, often don’t think clearly.

Humanity is leaving the Age of Pieces, in which we all learned to swim along in order to get along. Now comes Humanity’s entrance into the Age of Aquarius, in which we leave school to seek the real education that Naked Reality provides.

The reason everything seems so unpleasant right at this moment, the reason that your life is a tumbling turmoil of torturous tension, the reason that Your world is suddenly swimming in a shit pool, is that Universe is teaching you to think. Clearly

. Be advised: this may hurt. A lot.

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