• Jim Costa

Clif High - The Seven Year Challenge

It will take us seven years to rebuild, once the Bank is dead.

This will be true of each country that has been afflicted with this parasite; rebuilding the culture, the social order, takes about 7 years following the detox period. We have done this twice already here in the USA alone. Go look it up. Past predicts future proofs.

It may take the USA more than a year to go through the detoxing effects from the death of the Federal Reserve Bank, which is owned by the Rothschilds, not the Federal Government (though for the moment, the Rothschilds also own the Federal Government as well), it has no reserves, only vast amounts of debt, and is NOT a bank, but is criminal loan sharking raised to the level of a social institution through bribery, extortion, and murder.

Once the FED is DEAD, and we have all pissed on its grave, and partied hard, the real work begins. This will take seven years. We learn this from our collective history. Every time any nation throws off the burden of central bank parasitism, they recover in about 7 years. It will be seven years of hard work, tough choices, collective and personal misery. BUT, it will also be seven years of visible progress, of visible recovery, of construction, not continuing destruction. It will be very hard work, but also satisfying, and rewarding, both collectively, and individually.

Your life, and future, will be dramatically improved within those seven years following the death of the FED. Though we’ve not experienced this before personally, we’ve done this before as a Nation twice, and there have been other nations also through this process in the long past of Humanity, so we know how it will progress. We have the map, and know how long is the road.

Get your shoes on, time to start walking that road soon...

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