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  • Jim Costa

Clif High - Rock, and a hard face!

Gold, or a grimace! clif high Apr 8

The Russians lowered rates on their bonds. They don’t have to try to attract capital by way of interest rate shenanigans.

They have gold.

The Federal Reserve Bank here in USA, which is an occupying force, will have to RAISE rates to compete.

IMO they will have to raise by 2 or 3 times the amount of each lowering that the Russian bank does. This will be required to TRY to contain capital flight to Rubles backed by gold and oil.

The FED is in a trap. Raising rates will kill the global dollar based fiscal system as well as the last remnants of the petrodollar. But they have no choice.

We will see the hyper inflation destroy markets across the globe over these next few months. Likely real estate markets will begin to boil as adjustable rate mortgages start heading higher like they were Bitcoin.

The Federal Reserve Banksters are trapped between the Rock of Gold, and all our Harsh Faces as this goes down. i am expecting a bunch of resignations from the organization ahead of the Audit & the Repeal (of their charter).

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