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Clif High - Princes of Light.Gold for Gods.

Supercharge your Vimana.

Earth, and Humanity, was invaded by Space Aliens over 10,000 years ago.

Lots of events piled up into history that was deliberately obscured from us by specific groups who profit from that hidden information.

These Space Aliens had abilities, technology, and thinking, that humans did not. It is my conclusion that humanity did not have such advantages due to our suffering the Yugas.

The Space Alien invaders used their superior technology to convince the humans that they, the Space Aliens, were our ‘gods’. Some of the Space Aliens, such as Elyon (aka Adoni), even claimed to be ‘the creator’ of the Universe.

These Space Aliens were variously known as Elohim, Annunaki, Devas, Theoae, and many other labels in various human languages.

They were not ‘gods’, and did not create our Universe. The Space Aliens, settled in as rulers of Humanity, set about re-engineering us to suit their needs. They had many uses for humans. We were variously a labor source, a food source, a drug source, and a source for carbon based, semi-conductor computers (our brains).

It is worth noting that we find many words, and grammatical constructions from the Space Aliens’ language embedded in our human languages. There are several languages, now dead, that were heavily dominated by the Space Aliens. These languages, such as ancient Elamite, originating in modern day Iran, was dominated by linguistic constructions, and grammatical complexities not found in human languages, before, or since.

Even the name of the language ‘Elamite’, was a constructed label that meant ‘words of the Elohim’. This and many other references to the Elohim arose out of central Asia, at least 3 thousand years prior to their appearance as the ‘gods’ of the Old Testament of the Bible/Torah, and thus about 7,000 years BCE (at least). Inscriptions, and signage, in Elamite, uncovered in archaeologic research, has puzzled for thousands of years as being nonsensical. However, IF one presumes that the signage is related to a technological civilization such as ours, most, if not all of the puzzles disappear. A significant percentage of Elamite inscriptions are ‘cautionary’, in ways that make no sense to people of the past, but are perfectly clear to those of us in a technological society. The signage is on the order of “No Smoking” around gas pumps, or “All items MUST be examined before boarding.” or similar signs at today’s airports.

There are hints within the history of Elamite, it’s origin, and precursor languages, that suggest that the landing forces of the Space Alien invasion of Earth and Humanity was within the highlands of Iran and central Asia.

Within Elamite’s history, that is, of the civilization that modern scholars think was the source of the language, we find texts that are undecipherable now, but nonetheless, even without translation, are still able to be recognized as ‘signage’ based on their locations, as well as specific forms of brevity. The conclusion is that donkey-riding civilizations don’t require cautionary signage. Especially signage that has a ‘sky focused’ aspect. There is no point, and presumably they would not waste the calories in the creation (*not carved, appear to be melted into both clay & stone) of useless cautionary warnings.

There are reasons, archaeologic, as well as linguistic, to suspect that Elamite, and it’s antecedent languages, are the source for Ayurveda (the medicinal context) in Sanskrit which appears several thousands of years closer to our time.

In my examination of these ancient texts, and their source languages, I am always seeking references to these Space Aliens invaders. These will always be characterized as involving the ‘gods’, or a ‘god’, and so are more easily located by these instances of bad labeling. Other key words include ‘blessings (given by gods/god)’, and ‘offerings (to gods/god)’.

In Elamite, and those of its more ancient precursor languages that we understand, the ‘gods’, known as ‘hapir’ (it’s plural), were specifically interested in gold (‘huzi’ or ‘huzzi’), and demanded it as a major part of the ‘tributes’ that the humans in that area were to provide on a very regular basis under penalty of death. This context of ‘gold for gods’ is repeated constantly throughout all those parts of humanity where the ‘gods’ beset the people. Ultimately we see this being seized upon by the Khazarian Mafia with their ‘love’, and ‘lust’ for gold that knows no satisfaction.

But what did they, the gods, do with all the gold?

It seems that they, the hapir, the gods, ate the stuff.

Yes, there are very ancient texts that describe the metal gold, being prepared, then consumed (along with the blood and fats of human children) by the gods. There are other languages where ancient texts also speak to the consumption of prepared gold by the ‘gods’. Most notably, we find this in ancient central Eurasian languages, many of which use the same root words, and symbols for ‘gold’. This relates to the region of Khazaria (now Ukraine), where the Elohim, as a distinct ‘tribe’ of the ‘gods’ were driven by the war with the rest of the ‘gods’ in central India that is the foundation for much of the Vedic literature.

The various recipes noted that the preparation of the gold offerings for the gods followed a specific recipe which is most closely replicated in today’s Ayurvedic processing of gold into medicine known as “Swarna Bhasma”. In these methods, the gold is converted through multiple processes into colloidal forms, including nano-particulates to some degree, by methods of heat calcification, and deliberate exposures to maximum levels of sunlight during the repeated grindings. There are explicit references to sunlight in preparation instructions.

The Elohim/Annunaki had a great appetite for the colloidal gold. Modern medicine has found that nano particulate gold has an affinity for bonding with both fats and proteins, and is an excellent substrate carrier of drugs. The Elohim used the gold by consuming it with the adrenal gland and abdominal fats of the humans sacrificed. In that use, not only was the gold itself a nootropic, as it is with humans and modern gold consumption, but also was a very effective carrier for the drugs of the oxidized adrenaline (adrenochrome) extracted from the humans.

In addition to the ‘gods’ eating gold, they also gave it to their human slaves. These ‘golden blessings’ from the ‘gods’ were to their Vimana pilots (really just carbon based computers, not that the human involved had much control, nor awareness of their situation). The Vimana pilots were said to be ‘enhanced’ by the nootropic properties of the gold. This was the Space Alien version of supercharging your vehicle. Like boosting the air flow through the engine with a powered carburetor.

These ‘blessings’ from the gods were always given prior to taking their Vimana into battle. The humans were given doses of a form of gold that the Space Alien masters did not take themselves. The Space Aliens knew that this gold preparation for their humans would ‘consume (burn out)’ the Space Alien form of mind, but it was apparently worthwhile for the humans used in the mind-to-machine interface devices as it made the human brains and minds quicker in reaction time by some significant level, as well as prolonging the use of an individual human in the machine. The words applied are such as ‘balancing’ (the human mind), and ‘smoothing/lubricating’ it’s abilities in the device. In essence, it appeared to aid in hardening the human mind to the rigors and stresses imposed by this technology as well as providing an ‘energy’ boost in the connection between the mind, and the machine interface.

Other ‘blessings of the gods’ included a silver based preparation that was used by the Elohim/Annunaki to ‘complete’ or ‘connect’ to what we would call their ‘wide area network’. There was a class of humans who were used as communications vehicles. These were reported to be instantaneous, even at distances around half of the planet. There are also indications that the silver ingesting humans were used as a sensor network as they were reportedly able to ‘see’ over a thousand miles away with the accuracy to locate a specific ‘god’, or his human retinue.

In my opinion, the Ayurveda use of gold and silver originate from these uses by the invading Space Aliens, as does much of the languages around them, and the preparation methods employed.

There is specific mention of the gold mixture for their human slaves not containing blood, and explicit references to adrenochrome not being included. These are references very much like ‘don’t feed meat to cattle’. When these are within texts such as religious ‘hymns’ that had been mistranslated for centuries, they stand out as sudden departures of theme to specific pointers about humans. While the gold and silver being ingested by the human slaves (carbon based computing devices) is described as increasing mental activity, and accuracy of the human in running the various devices, those instances of caution about the ‘blood and fats’ of human children not being allowed would seem to be based on actual experiences that were very bad indeed. The ‘blood and fats’ of the human being consumed by a human were noted to turn the human into an out of control device. In modern terms we would say it made them ‘berserk’. The human, as computer control of the flying ‘castle’ of the Vimana, could not be relied upon to follow instructions if they were under the influence of the ‘blood and fats’.

In all these references, it is the ‘gods’ that are central, and the humans are merely annotations of the ‘gods’ activity. In the main, the humans are referenced by function, not name. When it was pertinent to the ‘gods’ goals, specific attributes of humans were noted, such as tribe of origin, whether or not circumcised, and frequently mentions of specific aspects of human ‘body types’. These read in a similar fashion to modern farmers referencing the traits of various breeds of cattle, such as horn length, average weight, that sort of physical aspects. In the case of these notes on humans, the human mind, and psychology will appear in texts as well. All of these texts would be seen as ‘racist’, perhaps, extremely so, by the socially sensitive portion of modern society.

As noted, it is my opinion that Ayurveda has taken the gold and silver preparations of the ‘gods’, and, over time, converted them into concoctions for human health.

One element of this historical journey for ingested gold, is that it is, even now, as it has always been, known as a nootropic, a mind enhancing metal. In the ancient texts, labels applied to the anonymous humans who took the gold preparation were centered on the concept that they were the ‘Princes of Light’. As noted in my previous articles, the connection mechanism between the human body and the Space Alien mind-to-machine interface device was by way of bio-photonic activity within the human body. In my opinion, the word ‘prince’ is a bad translation of a technical description, the context, and meaning for which has been lost over these thousands of years.

It is worth noting that the ancient texts described some human body types as lasting longer as controllers for your Vimana if they were given the gold mixture. Today we still have that association between Ayurvedic gold based medicines, and longevity, as well as the nootropic effects.

Be wary of consuming gold. Many reports that, done incorrectly, it results in a bad outcome for the human.

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