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  • Jim Costa

Clif High - Panic! 2022! Remember! Deep, slow, breathing! [Must See]


Key Point:

"In spite of the very large, and very public, levels of social engineering by the Central Banks of the world, trying to cause another Great Depression, and follow on World War, it is my opinion that we will instead witness a banking panic emerge.

The Panic that will erupt will be a ‘central’ banking panic. This panic, as in 1893 (and previous banking panics) will be at the level of ‘confidence in the currency’…at the level of the Federal Reserve itself. That is, like the Panic of 1893, the coming Great Panic of 2022 (or maybe 2023, though personally it seems unlikely that they can hold it together that long), will be all about faith and confidence in central bank issued currencies.

This Great Panic of 2022 will destroy the ‘full faith and credit’ of the US Federal Government. And its institutions. This will lead to the period that was labeled as Secrets Revealed within my ALTA reports."

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