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Clif High - If your human starts malfunctioning…A checklist for diagnosis in flight…

Clif did not give the link as he usually does.

He did have this so you can subscribe:

In previous substack articles, I have provided some of my thinking on the discovery of hidden manuals on how to operate a ‘space alien mind-to-machine’ interface that I think was employed with humans in previous ages. Specifically back in the last, descending, Satya (Gold) Yuge (Age), or the Tretya Yuga (Silver Age) that followed it. Obviously, with the Khazarian Mafia continually censoring history for over 4000 years, we have a bit of difficulty determining dates.

For reference, the previous Substack articles:

In these past articles, I describe the discovery that the invading space aliens (Elohim/Annunaki/Devas/Theoae et al) were employing a ‘mind-to-machine’ interface device to power their technology, and civilization.

In this article I provide an overview of where the research as led thus far, and some interesting conclusions.

There are many ancillary discoveries along the way as well, including that human civilization at the time of the invasion by the Space Aliens had not had any form of standing army, nor put energy towards war, for perhaps as much as 1000 years, such that when the invaders arrived, we were very easy prey indeed.

Another, rather shocking, set of discoveries suggest that the invading space aliens used human brains as their control mechanism for their technology the way that we currently use computers to control other devices. There are few details, but many hints, that the humans so employed were factually ‘worked to death’, and then replaced, the way we replace burnt out computer chips. They were not nice, these space aliens invaders.

In pursuing the ‘technology manual’, that I think I have discovered buried in ancient literature, now sublimated by overlays of religion and spirituality, I wanted to know if the ancients had any knowledge of the biophysical mechanism that allowed such bonding with Space Alien mind-to-machine interface technology.

It is not easy, nor simple, but I think have discovered the ‘hows’ and the ‘ways’ of this tech.

It turns out that this alien technology is ‘fit for humans’ in that, humans are psychic. A lot of the mind-to-machine interface works off of a connection to the human pineal gland.

Unlike Elon Musk’s proposed ‘neuralink’ which is the ‘chip-in-the-brain’ approach, the space alien devices had no need for physical penetration of the skin. These devices would seem to have used multiple points of contact to the skin with several sets of sensors for magnetism, electron/electrical activity, and most key of all, bio-photon measurements as well as ‘insertion’ of bio-photons. In the descriptions available to be teased from ancient texts, these devices formed a complex field in which the human mind functioned as both power source, and a control circuit.

Mind to machine interface

In those ancient texts, in some ancient Avestan, translated from its close cousin, Sanskrit, I found phrases that translate as: "मस्तिष्क प्रकाश द्रव" (mastiṣka prakāśa drava)

which, in English, translates to “brain light (illumination) fluid”.

Given the sources which are frequently myths, hymns, and songs, the linguistics can get tricky to say the least, especially as the people in the previous, descending Tretya Yuga (Silver Age) were fond of using near-similar phrases in order (in my opinion) to differentiate, as well as call attention to, inter-related concepts. Thus we find that “brain light (illumination) fluid” is frequently found in the same sources as nearly identical phrases in which "light" refers to the property of being not heavy: "मस्तिष्क लघु द्रव" (mastiṣka laghu drava), as in, ‘flight’, and ‘anti-gravity’. These sources are located by way of coincident uses of words for ‘vimana’, or ‘flying castles’.

In these instances, the former, “brain light (illumination) fluid”, is described as being able to cause the effect of ‘anti-gravity’, or ‘not being heavy’.

Seeking validation that such things as were described in this ancient accounts were factually even possible, I pursued both the texts, and current knowledge of such analogs as I was able to locate.

It was not difficult to find the ‘brain light (illumination) fluid’, as the many descriptions of it in the literature pointed to it ‘circulating’ with the blood, but not being the blood, and that it was ‘reposed/stored’ in the brain, and further, was ‘concentrated’ into the pineal gland which was, in keeping with the ‘illumination’ word use, always being referred to as an active ‘eye’, or ‘center of vision’. Many more references to these concepts provide weight to the conclusion that the pineal gland was central to these mind-to-machine interface devices.

The ‘brain light (illumination) fluid’ turns out to be melanin, which we, modern, humans have discovered over only these last 2 centuries, circulates with the blood, and fills the brain. There are numerous points within the body where melanin is produced, stored, and used, and what we laughingly call ‘science’ is just now realizing only some of the properties and body uses for this ‘brain light fluid’.


There are many things we have yet to discover about melanin, as the references attached to this article will indicate.

Melanin, according to the ancients’ view, is to bio-photons, what blood is to oxygen, and other gasses. And, just as with blood, melanin both circulates to deposit, and uptake bio-photons to the rest of the body, including the critical part of it all, our brains.

Without going into the vast amount of details possible, suffice it to say that melanin picks up light, both photonic light from sources external to the body, as well as bio-photonic light from inside the body. Each have separate, and individuated uses. Much of the sorting, and managing of the light is done in the brain via the complex of neural fibers that connect to the pineal gland.

It is one of my further conclusions that melanin will be affected by the galactic center emanations, if only because of the huge amount of suns located there. Presumably kicking up photonic activity, which produces bio-photonic activity. This provides the mechanism for the observed effects of the Yugas on humanity, and our history, and progress.

Circulating melanin

That melanin circulates & carries bio-photons to various parts of body is just now, as in these last few decades becoming a ‘thing’ within our science, and medicinal research.

The ancients knew that the ‘body light (illumination) fluid’ circulated, and was key to how these mind-to-machine devices functioned. There are explicit descriptions of the many aspects of daily life, and bodily health that affect the ability, and capacity of the pineal gland to regulate, and employ this fluid. Many descriptions as to specific diets high in various vitamins (A & C & E mostly) are found within these manuals as intrinsic parts of the technology.

Fear emotions (hormones) cause vessel pressure disequilibrium & affect the ability for the melanin in the blood to onboard & detach biophotons. It ‘clamps’ down by way of chemical alterations, in some ways similar to the clamping down of the vessels in athletes to allow for increased performance via increased blood pressure.

Melanin from outside sources aids the body in its bio-photon circulation/distribution system. It also aids the body in providing a source of ‘ready-made’ melanin to use for the various areas in need of a local bio-photon trap/storage.

The ability to be so used give external sources of melanin, such as chaga mushroom, famously taken as a ‘tea’, an extra benefit to the body’s immune system, and in the case of chaga, participate in its use by the body as an immune system regulator.

Circulating melanin in the body is affected by circadian rhythms in several ways. First in exposure to external photonic activity (light levels outside the body), then in bio-photon demand by various parts of the body throughout the day.

There are many more discussions of the circulation of the ‘brain light (illumination) fluid’, especially relative to using these machines for flying the Vimana. Specific cautions exist about mind control when using these as the devices response to shifts in bio-photon levels are repeatedly said to be faster than ‘retinal response’ to a bright light. Much of this material is open to re-examination as there are so many distortions overlaid by centuries of ‘religious’ commentary placed on these contexts.

Melanin in the brain

Melanin circulates up to the brain where it participates as a source for neuromelanin. Both forms are used within the brain, with neuromelanin being the more active, and more prevalent type.

Neuromelanin, and melanin, both collect in various centers in separate regions of the brain. The pineal gland is saturated, primarily with neuromelanin.

The ancient texts have the ‘brain light fluid’ as having ‘layers’ in which ‘time’ can be placed, and extracted. These are ‘extracted’ when flying the Vimana, or ‘transiting’ to a new place. We have to be very careful of the appearance of the word ‘time’ as these people had many contexts for time that are NOT conveyed by the simple translation into that word. Many words, now said to translate into ‘time’, do not, and in that process, much significant meaning is lost. This area continues to be a source of research.

Pineal gland

The pineal gland is repeatedly cited within these texts in various, and different, allusions to its nature as a ‘third eye’.

Some interesting notes include it being said that the mind-to-machine interface view of travel is entirely within the “mind’s eye”. There are various references to ‘constellations’, as well as many reports of effects, or attributes of using the pineal gland when in these machines. Some are warnings such as ‘reality blinks faster when you jump small distances’, as well as cautions directly to ‘not go too fast, nor too far’ within one ‘transit’. These and other technical control language is presented as though the perceptions, of the ‘flashing into reality’, as an instance, are all within the pineal gland.

There are many references indicating that pineal functioning has to be exercised, in order to be maintained. Other texts refer to pineal health issues, and some of these appear to be ‘repair manuals’, or ‘fault check lists’, relating to the ‘human mind’ within the mind-to-machine interface device. A sort of ‘If your human starts malfunctioning…” checklist of what to do.

Much of these functioning related materials have been reinterpreted within the religious context as being ‘health routines’.

Psychic ability

What we modern humans would term ‘psychic ability’, these ancients describe in a factual way as being daily aspects of life.

It is one of my conclusions that we, humans, had been chosen specifically because we have this native ability with psychic interaction with the Matterium, as well as have a genome amenable to being altered to enhance this native trait.

There are some of these hymns that describe the special category of those humans who had been augmented genetically. Many of these phrases, as they have been repeatedly translated within the religion context, end up as ‘putting on the armor of the god(s)’. This characterization of the ‘gods’ bestowing’ some ‘blessing’ in the form of a extra layer of protection, or ability, will be found to have their source in these discussions of ‘enhancing’, and ‘armoring’ humans as central parts of the controls for the mechanisms of their society, their technology.

There are repeated references to the circulating ‘body light (illumination) fluid’, and human abilities. These abilities including ‘bi-location’, and ‘distant viewing’, as well as ‘clear audio over thousands of li (miles)’, are, in the main, put down to advanced skills of the ascended masters. Well, maybe they should not be. These ancient Sanskrit hymns describe regular humans doing such tasks with the aid of these mind-to-machine devices.

These, and other abilities, also dependent on the level of melanin circulating in the body, are described in technical views as being inherent qualities of our species that the invaders used for their own purposes.

There are discussions about fore-knowledge, as well as what we would describe as ‘remote (in time) forensic analysis’ being employed.

The Invaders clearly knew that our usefulness to them stemmed from our inherent psychic abilities arising from neuromelanin, and circulating melanin, as well as our pliable genetics.


There are some references to psychedelic use by humans, and prohibitions against letting those humans interact with the alien devices. The small hints we get seem to point to these people having capacities not able to be discerned, as well as being ungovernable to the point that they could commandeer a device while as operator. Note that the level of language around this idea of an ‘operator’ being able to control not only the device(s), but also their own will/mind, while hooked up, was a huge level of potential problem. The texts put some about of verbiage behind saying NO, don’t let this happen.

There are also two instances where the hymns discuss ‘raiding parties’ sent to find, then kill, humans who had retained some mental connection with these devices when not physically connected. Again, the language in the hymns suggests that these guys were using a Blue Lotus based psychedelic concoction that may have included ‘flowers of cactus’, aka mescaline. These two instances are part of the base of what I am concluding are the source texts for the ‘tower of babel’ myth.


Bio-photons are not referenced with these texts as that word. Many instances exist where phrases can be distorted over time, yet still retain hints of their original meaning. I am using the modern concept of ‘bio-photons’ whenever I encounter phases for the ‘circulating light (illumination) of the body’, or the ‘light (of the) third eye’, or the ‘flashing (of) light within the eye (of the) mind’. You get the idea.

Yugas & Galactic Center

It is my conclusion, as stated in previous substack articles, that the Yugas afflict humanity. This mechanism explored within the neuromelanin, and the melanin, in picking up, and transporting for use, the bio-photons of our bodies, may well participate in the Yuga cycle by way of exposure to, and a grasp of, the more subtle qualities of Light than we can now imagine may exist.

It is my opinion, that modern science, and medicine research, such as it is, has yet to understand many of the aspects of the human body with the clarity of the people of the previous, descending, Gold, Silver, and Bronze ages. There are, in my opinion, hints within their literature which are definitely pointing to far more advanced, and nuanced, understanding of the human body, and mind, than we currently possess.

This is especially pertinent in the discussion of ‘mind structures’ or ‘forms’. These are also described as ‘fields’, as well as ‘fields of control’, and ‘fields of illumination’, and ‘fields (for) floating’ within these texts. Hmmmm?

I have encountered explicit references in Sanskrit, which are several thousands of years old, for ‘mind fields’, that have only recently, in the 1980s, been rediscovered by modern science. These references are to the precise nature of the join of the mind to the mind-to-machine interface. These references do make sense, now, relative to how the ionic balance of the circulating melanin may be assayed concurrently with the bio-photon levels of these fluids.

The descriptions of the ‘body light (illumination) fluid’ in use occasionally do have hints about the ‘peeling process’ of finding places in this Matterium based on the light patterns induced in the pineal gland. Some of these ancient texts would fit right in with newly emerging current gaming and technology scenarios such that my paranoid mind wonders if others are also on the same trail as myself.

More later as it emerges into our reality.

In the meantime, the take-away is that if you want to be psychic, you have to have a good, continuous source of melanin in your diet. Chaga mushroom is such a source, as it is loaded with melanin, and the A & E vitamins. Make it as a tea.

#chaga_gangsta’s rule.

Universe provides and guides. We are just along for the trip.

*** some of the many references used ****

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Neuromelanin, one of the most overlooked molecules in modern medicine, is not a spectator

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