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Clif High - Heavy Metal. [Absolute Must Hear; crash predictions, Recapped]

29 Minute Video [Recapped]

Silver will break out Wed thru Friday, releasing the rocket ride. The Main Street News will have to announce that it is no longer available for purchase.

Soon gasoline will raise 4 to 5 times what it is costing now. (might be as late as May?) Expect 80% haircut on the Dollar so it will meet the value of the Yuan.

The US Bonds will collapse in May, along with the Dollar. Pensions will collapse worldwide that hold US bonds or derivatives.

Bonds will no longer be redeemable due to fraud from over-selling them to numerous parties holding a particular bond number.

Expect 80% haircut on the Dollar.

People must have orders for silver in this week to avoid the shut-out.

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