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Clif High - Forum Borealis: Antarctica Unveiled (3 Part Video) [Partially Recapped]

[Note: This is a 4 hour watch. Choose wisely before going down this rabbit hole. I fear it may take us off the take-down that we should be focusing on right now. I don't know if I can spare the time to watch it. It would be nice if someone volunteer to watch the first part and report back. Thanks.] Link [Video 1 - Start at 30 Minute mark]

Overall Impression: If you have a family focus on them.

Video #1

30 MM: Clif discusses US military exploration in the ‘60s; Huge piles of clean coal on surface, would power the US for 200 years;

The interviewer will not let Clif focus on talking.

60 MM: Various multi-hull boats in history. 66 MM Begins to discuss Antarctica’s history. 77 MM Why the poles are cold. End of Video #1.

Video #1

0 MM Photos of Antartica

10 MM Discuss the makeup of the earth & mars.

19 MM Geological history of the earth.

22 MM Possible locations of Atlantis.

29 MM How humans started out.

Taking a long break.

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