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Clif High Email Sent Out. Slave Woo. [Must See]

Slave Woo You WERE a slave owner clif high Jan 20

Up until just a few weeks ago, you were a slave owner. You owned Chinese slaves. A lot of them.

If you are a Millennial or younger, you have owned, or were loaned by the CCP, a boat load of Chinese slaves for all of your life. These slaves produced everything you have used, most of what you wear, or own, and much of what you eat or consume. You have lived a life of indolence and luxury unknown to kings of past ages. Admit it. It’s true.

The wave of Globalism that swept over the planet beginning in the 1970s, gave nearly all people some number of Chinese slaves.

Wielding their populace as a soft weapon, the CCP has consumed most of the manufacturing capacity on the planet as it traded cheap Chinese labor for knowledge and influence and wealth. Recently the CCP has decided that Globalism is no longer in its strategic interest, and is refocusing its energies inward, and hardening its borders. This is a pattern oft repeated through history by Chinese Empires.

This means you will not have the loan of the Chinese slaves any longer. This means no more cheap goods cheaply carried across the oceans for your amusement. This means NO GOODS in many categories as YOU don’t know how to MAKE THEM.

You WERE a slave owner. Now you will consider your future to be miserable as you work through all the suffering, pain and problems of becoming self sufficient once again. Learning to make things, once again. Learning to do for yourself, perhaps for the first time. Many of the Boomers will see this as a good thing, the struggle, which makes you tougher, harder, more resilient, better, and then the achievement.

Younger generations will not likely take this view for a very long time.

Thus one learns the hard way WHY the admonition in the Codex Oera Linda to “Never suffer an unfree person in your presence. Do not treat (deal/work with) slavers as you will become enslaved.

You WERE a slave owner, and enslaved by it. Welcome now to Freedom. Do something with it.

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