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  • Jim Costa

Clif High - Deflation . . Bonds and Retirement. [Must Hear, recapped]

* China will be the lead country in the Cabal's New World Order.

* 10 MM The Cabal's plan is failing.

11 MM We now need to slowly and carefully dismantle the Deep State. Clif is now moving his dollars from the banks and is preparing for an emergency state. 13 MM We are coming to the most dangerous time in our fight. The CABAL is desperate now.

15 MM The CABAL's goal is to destroy our diet so we can't fight back. They control Psychiatric industry in control.

Get off anti depressants (melatonin) as they cause stress. 18 MM We will be in this dangerous period through March, 2023.

19 MM Bond crisis will hit in early November, and it will occur before hyperinflation. 20 MM Hyperinflation occurs when people in the know run out and purchase all they can to stock up before prices increase. This is the panic time.

22 MM Hyperinflation will begin in November.

Layoffs will begin to occur and govt. employees will become unpaid.

23 MM Pension plans will be hit by Banksters so it cannot provide a living; money will be coming periodically. Fed will collapse in 4 or 5 months.

26 MM Savvy people will opt out of the panic by purchasing gold and silver.

27 MM As bonds die they deflate the money system. We are seeing that now. The banks cannot allow deflation.

28 MM In the 1930s, FDR sent the FBI into banks to steal all gold in Safety Deposit Boxes to stop the run to precious metals.

30 MM During this time we will have both deflation and hyperinflation. Deflation will kill banks within 6 months.

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