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Charlie Ward with Doug Billings 1/26 (Recapped) [Must See]

27 Minute Video

Sorry folks, I accidentally erased my recap.

But here are the new key points:

  1. Biden was executed for crimes against humanity. We are seeing an actor in his place.

  2. Yesterday General Flynn's brother, also a general, was placed in charge of the Western Army. Biden would have never done this if he were in charge.

3. The military is running the country.

4. In regards of troop movements in Syria, have you seen those movements or is it just a story by the MSNBC?

5. He feels Trump will be the President either by March 3 or we will have an election then.

6. We will be leaving Admiralty law (law of the sea) we have been under and return to Constitutional and Common law. We will then no longer need all those agencies that operate under Admiralty law.

7. Notice the American flags behind Biden. They are all wrinkled as a sign that he is dirty. Notice that the Generals around Biden have no ribbons on their uniforms. They are fake. The MSNM showed a fireworks display during the Inauguration. People on the ground in D. C. say there was no fireworks. It was a televised fake.

8. Republican Senator Roy Blunt from Missouri arrested on Jan 20th.

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