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Charlie Ward - The Great Reveal With Ann Vandersteel.

47 Minute Video [Being Recapped]

3 MM Ann: Discusses more evidence of voter fraud. The investigators said by contract they must post their findings beginning April 10th but no later than April 20th on 8 Coon Chan.

6 MM Ward: There is no point in taking the Election Fraud to the state’s or U. S. Supreme Court. The White’s are tormenting the Deep State that they are caught.

9 MM The White Hat’s have an actual server from Germany used in the fraud.

Before the election Trump clarified with the Supreme Court that any foreign interference with the election would make the election null and void.

12 MM Ward: The team is extremely happy with what is going on. We are waiting with the Quantum Financial System to come online. It is fully operative on the mainframe now. We are waiting for the revaluations now. The last time this was tried Kennedy was killed. We will not rid the world of bad people but rather evil people. We need to be assured that we do not help evil people.

16 MM Ann: discusses the Covid-19 and vaccines.

If Trump returns we must still take responsibility for our own local communities.

18 MM Ward: The White Hats are 100% in charge of the pantomime on TV now.

21 MM Ward: Discusses the Evergreen ship and the rescue of 3,000 kids.

The U.S. worked one end of the canal and the Russians worked the other end. This was a signal to the world.

26 MM Ward discusses gays and transsexuals being made to appear as normal rather than acceptable.

35 MM Trump came in and said he would not use the FBI, CIA and Secret Service to guard him.

38 M The leaders of Iran are behind Trump.

39 MM In discussing international events, Ward says what you are seeing is all a pantomime; it’s not real.

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