• Jim Costa

Charlie Ward & Simon Parkes What Happened on 6 January, What Happens Next, Trump Prevails. Recapped

10 Minute Video


1 MM Ward: Planned Trap the went perfect. 2nd Trap was storming congress, Trump supporters seized a lot of laptops, including Pelosi's. Sorus and the UK were in on the steal. 3 MM Parkes: Special operation teams were used to go with Antifa for the purpose of gathering information. Xmas day it was discovered that Italy owned the satellites but they were used by the Vatican. It was impossible to foresee an ally doing this to the U. S. Trump then went to a command post in Texas. The past 5 hours discussions on what Trump should do next.

6 MM Parkes: If the military stand with Trump then he will be reelected. 7 MM Ward: Trump has 4 aces and most of his pitch cards. He has the military and and the virus, a crime against humanity. He has other options to play. The new news is the blackmail of pedo politicians that will come out in next 20 days.

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