• Jim Costa


Updated: Feb 10, 2021

47 Minute Video


0 MM They discuss the newly released video of the "Viking" being ushered into the Capital by a police.

4 MM Ward discusses the Vatican having been infiltrated by satanists over the years. The Roman Catholics need to investigate their Vatican. The Chinese have infiltrated a lot of organizations and now control them.

Catholics are now shell shocked from the church pedophiles.

8 MM Tom Numbers discusses the numbers related to the words of Arizona cities and what those numbers mean. (?)

25 MM Parkes: Discusses a possible case before the SCOTUS. If a case is scheduled within a month the Military will wait. If scheduled for several months he believes the Military will act now.

26 MM Ward: We are transitioning now to a net financial system. He does not believe that days of ruling the U. S. from DC is over. The fences are designed to keep people in and not out. He is still getting word that Biden has never been in the White House. Trump is still receiving security briefings whereas Biden is not.

30 MM Ward and Numbers say we don't have long to wait now.

42 MM The reset is needed because the financial system into the ground.



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