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Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes and Doug Billings. [ Recapped] [MUST HEAR]

61 Minute Video


0 MM Charlie Ward introduces himself. He flew a lot and met a person 6 years ago that said the were going to collapse the world's economy. Then he got involved a year ago when the virus came out and began researching this.

3 MM Pete Gainer of FEMA seems a bit suspicious. Why 800 FEMA camps around the U.S.? Parkes: They were built by Clinton & Obama. Now they are for the bad guys. 193,000 arrest warrants will require those camps.

7 MM How much will child trafficking be involved. Ward: This will be involved a lot at the highest level. Opraha Winfrey and Ellen Degeneris have both sold creams made of Adrenal made of children parts, on their shows. Biden has his own island. Charlie knows two men that have been to those islands that have seen child sacrifices and then eaten.

12 MM Nesara Club? Ward: Nesara is global change of the financial system that is not contaminated. JFK was to bring it in in 1963 and he was killed for it. NESARA was to come in again and the 2011 Twin Towers was used to stop it then. Constitutional law is needed for it. We are now under consentual law. 16 MM What about Black Rock financial system? Parkes: A lot of persons are hooked into a satanic religion and are sworn into it. up and coming business persons are approached to join but must give up their children in exchange for success.

Ward: The new quantum financial system has already started and needs to be kept clean. The old SWIFT money transfer system is a cesspool of dirty money. His understanding is debt will be forgiven and mortgages will disappear. People are being traded all over the world (birth Certificates).

20 MM How have you convert people to the truth. Ward: He has done thousands of hours of research. Simon: A lot of people don't have the knowledge. How do they make money on birth certificates? They look at your zip code and trade. They estimate their life earnings. The elite buy the certificates and bet on them.

When Parkes went public before he ran for local political office he laid his life out into the open.

26 MM Disinformation, how do you recognize it? Ward: Reset your moral compass and then trust your own judgement; get away from the TV. 28 MM Has Trump been cleared of the riot incitement Impeachment? Parkes: The FBI won't clear until Trump clears the FBI. The evidence is the plans were set in motion for the raid and that is why the police chiefs have quit. Pelosi was aware of all of this. Trump knows the impeachment will be removed from the books.

31 MM Have you any knowledge of the man sitting in Pelosi's desk committing suicide? Both answered they know nothing.

32 MM Sidney Powell? Parkes: She is safe and waiting for her to come back into play after the Democratic party tires out. She is the only person who can handle Treason in a military court.

35 MM Lin Wood? If you want to break in someones back door you start a fire at the front door. He is not a part of the team so he is free to speak out and that is what he is doing.

38 MM Will Trump pardon Assange and Snowden. Ward: Yes to both. Parkes: Trump was picked to do this because he is a god fearing man and was not selected by men on the ground.

39 MM Will Martial law our entire country? Ward: It will be done at specific times and regions for a specific reason. Trump does not want to do any more damage to the country. Parkes: Expect to see troops in Seattle, California, New York and the swing states. However there are still underground bases under quiet cities that may require troops in those locations.

44 MM What about early resignations by Trump Supporters like Chad Wolf? Ward: There will be a number of persons that are not really supporting the program. If one is a flip flop they are on the other side. Simon: Trump needed people who were acceptable to the dark side so Trump could have conversation with them through this person.

48 MM What about the letter from the Joint Chiefs recently? Ward: The signers signed their own death warrants. Parkes: The level of blackmail is so high that Generals blackmail the President.

50 MM Will British politicians be arrested. Ward: About 90% of them. Parkes: yes for child trafficking; it will be elite household names. When the truth gets out there there will be shock; we must get them all to end it. Ward: There have been a lot of explosions he past year destroying underground bases and tunnels.

55 MM Any new information? Will Trump have a second term? Ward: 100% yes; going from the corporate America to the Republic. Parkes: No one will be sworn in on the 20th. The military will appoint Trump to run things for a few months. Then he will be sworn in because he won the election. Biden will never be sworn in. 58 MM Before this journey started he cleared that if fraud was international then the election would be deemed void. He verified that with the Supreme court.

Parkes: Things are happening so fast now people need to keep their eyes open.


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