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CGI's Sierra: Blog Post...Baltimore Bridge Theory

Stargate Newsletter . . .. . . . . . Article

I am leaning towards the conclusion that the Francis Scott Key bridge in [B]altimore was demolished with explosives. 

The ship was a decoy, exactly the same way planes were used as a decoy for 9/11. An airliner cannot slice through steel girders like a knife through butter. And a bridge cannot collapse like a fragile house of cards because a tanker hit it. 

As the first commenter said below, ships regularly hit bridges - and they don't fall down. The second commenter has a valid theory for the purpose of the ship incident, which would indicate Alliance input. The two comments were on SG Anon's latest audio file. Please use your discernment, as always.

Many years ago I was waiting in line to cross the Coos Bay North bend Oregon Bridge when a large tanker slammed into the bridge in rush hour traffic. I was in a compact car and felt the hit. They closed the bridge for a couple of days while they inspected it. I grew up in bridge city, Portland Oregon, it's a major ship yard. Bridges get hit. This spectacle was planned, executed and was an assisted demolition, in my opinion. God be with us all.

SG, my theory is all the trafficking will be revealed when they offload the containers of the crashed ship and also I dare say the one that were scheduled to leave in the following hrs and days, it wouldn't surprise me if there are a lot of humans in them containers, and because of the media interest they won't be able to hide it, unveiling the scale of child and human trafficking????? Hopefully I'll be wrong?

This story is bizarre, but we know to expect anything in this crazy energy. NASA will fire three rockets into the shadow of the eclipse on 8th April. How do you fire rockets into a shadow..?? Good grief.

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