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66 Minute Video MUST SEE!!


10 MM The gold fringe around our flag is to make it a military flag and we are under Martial Law. Joe Biden has been dead since 2019. We are seeing actors.

12.5 MM Trump told us several times what appears to be Biden is not Biden.

15 MM 12 Years of fraudulent elections will soon be overturned. New Congress, New Senate, New elections. Rebirth.

16 MM Biden and Clinton have been executed. This election and inauguration and Executive orders are fakes. The Biden we now see is a fake to show people how bad it can get.

17 MM The Military is in charge. The Insurrection Act was signed. Trump's Executive Orders are in affect. They really tried stealing our election. That part is right.

Trump will use block-chain voting patented in August 2020. The Vatican owned the DC Corporation but that is no more.

18 MM Many corrupt people have been arrested, executed or jailed. The truth will come out very soon. The communist party has no real power over our country and look forward to working with trump.

19 MM No one survives the envelopes [given at the Bush Sr. funeral.] No one who got them are alive now, including spouses. More got envelopes on Jan. 20th.

22 MM Discusses technology that can take a video of a person appear to say something else entirely.

30 MM We were watching a movie in all of 2020. Trump and the military set this all up. Pence and Biden are long dead. They knew the election was to be stolen and so allowed it to be. Trump and Q set the evil ones up so they couldn't win. Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Sect., has a background in movie production.

31 MM The good guys are not using clones, they are using CGI to present persons to be still alive. The remaining bad people will be arrested this week. This movie will end with bad guys being executed and the media eating [shit] like the deserve.

32 MM They invented Covid to win the election but we used it against them. There will be confessions from Pelosi, Schumer and many others so when they are executed no one will feel sorry for them.

Quantum Block-Chain technology was available for the last vote but was not used so a sting operation could bring them down. Trump will easily win election in all 50 states.

What comes next will shock the world. The 10 days of darkness was us putting up with Biden as the president scam. New elections will be held in March. Hanging gallows are being built in front of the White House. 35 MM Discusses the difference between the United States and the United States Corporation of 1871.

37 MM Shows a short film on the history of the United States Constitution. 44 MM We need to hold our ground. They are not coming for us. The elite are terrified. 48 MM This is the first time in history that the White House has been dark at night. 50 MM FISA warrants will be used to move those arrested at the Capital by helicopter to military tribunals. They will not be delivered to the corrupt system. All of this was done by secret FISA warrants, like the ones used to take out Trump.

51 MM If Trump delivered the vote fraud proof to a lower court it would not have been tied to the elite. It would not have cleaned the swamp. It had to be done this way.

52 MM Julian Assange: "When all is exposed, 98 percent of Washington will fall."

63 MM Do not take the vaccine.


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