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Dear JIm: Ben Fulford Information from his full report yesterday.

Ok now let’s get back to the riots in the U.S. What is most interesting about them is how the crisis actors like George Floyd are being uncovered in real-time. Since this has been extensively covered by other sites, we will just post photos, one from Jim Stone Freelance and the other from We Are Change.

Also here we have a video of a Zionist agent caught in the act of financing the riots

What the military and intelligence agencies need to remember in confronting these criminals is that they work according to long-range plans, some literally dating back centuries. For that reason, an unpredictable, here-now, sustained offensive is essential to defeating them once and for all. The answer, as always, is to follow the money. This means raiding the foundations that own the Fortune 500 corporations and arresting the owners of these foundations. This, of course, includes the Soros people, the Rothschilds, and the other usual suspects.

Here in Japan, we called the Japanese cabinet office and the Tokyo government to ask if they had actually confirmed the COVID 19 virus even exists. What the forensic investigations that followed revealed was that all “positive COVID 19” test results came from scam testing facilities financed by the Hedge Fund KKR. Message to KKR: you have 48 hours to get your people out of Japan before they are hunted down and killed.

The Japanese government has concluded that COVID-19 does not exist. If you still find this hard to believe look at the chart below showing a steep drop off of pneumonia deaths in 2020. Statistics show the drop in pneumonia deaths is roughly equal to the so-called COVID-19 death rate. That is why Japan canceled its scamdemic response as of June 1st. The rest of the world should follow.

However, the Japanese have concluded that electromagnetic attacks using 5G low-level microwave beams did cause a lot of damage, especially in Wuhan, China. Imagine something much weaker than the defrost setting in your microwave but taking place 24 hours a day and you get the picture. That is why Japan’s government is asking all independent administrative corporations and government-designated corporations to consider security risks when purchasing telecommunication equipment. Again, other countries please take note.

Overall, the plot being uncovered dates back to at least 1975 and involves using a pandemic to reduce the population. It was also to be an excuse to force the vaccination of the survivors with microchips that were to be connected to a digital wallet and 5G mind control. This was the system of total slavery the Cabal was trying to impose. It sounds crazy but fact-checking will confirm this to be true. You can start your confirmation with these links and then look at Jared Kushner and his 666 Fifth Avenue “Lucent technologies” human micro-chipping project.


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